Video for Sales Proposals and Contracts

Video Contracting & Proposal Walkthroughs

Review sales proposals and contracts using videos


Video for Sales Documents

Close Sales Faster with Video for Sales Documents

Give your prospects a video walkthrough of your company, product, or a sales proposal. Make video document walkthroughs that turn long, tedious documents into quick, engaging video proposals.



Video Review for Contracts and RFPs

Simplify your Contracts & RFPs with Videos

Intensive documents would no longer be difficult to understand with Hippo Video. A walkthrough contract explainer video can help prospects quickly comprehend legal jargon. RFPs or RFQs with video walkthroughs can help stakeholder to review three times faster. No more of to and fro communication for RFPs or Contracts! Videos are here to make it simple and faster.


Simplify any Sales documents with Videos

Enable any Sales document with a Video - be it a proposal, or a presentation, or a product demo. Speed up your sales cycle and close more deals.

Simplify any Sales documents with Videos
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How to Accelerate Your Sales with Hippo Video
A detailed product walkthrough and a live Q&A to get answer on video for sales.

August 05 | Time: 11.30am EST