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Video Prospecting Flow

Stay relevant and get creative with your sales prospecting to get noticed by your potential customers right from the beginning.

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  • Overview
  • Why to adopt video-first approach at the prospecting stage
  • Where to use the Prospecting Video Flow
  • How to use the Prospecting Video Flow
  • Prospecting Video Script


Use this video prospecting video flow and create personalized videos for each of your prospects to pin a face to your name and humanize your brand effortlessly. Record just one video and change the background outlay with their LinkedIn profile or Website page for personalization to get noticed instantly.

Why to adopt video-first approach at the prospecting stage

People purchase from brands they recognise and trust. But most B2B deals start virtually with no genuine connection with the prospects. Though cold outreach is a budget-friendly sales technique, generating leads from it is becoming increasingly difficult

However, video can be a great pattern breaker. Rather than using a conventional text message, recording a video to communicate your understanding of them and how your product/services can help them solve their problems would really make a difference.

Along with this, personalize the video with your prospects’ LinkedIn profile or Website as background to capture their attention and highlight the extra efforts they’ve been putting in researching them.

Where to use the Prospecting Video Flow

This personalized video prospecting flow from Hippo Video can be used to cut through the noise and make an impact instantly. Where video helps you communicate your message effectively, personalization of the message makes the first impression easy. You can use this flow directly from your sales-facing platforms, via email, or on Linkedin once you’ve connected with them.

How to use the Prospecting Video Flow

Scaling with video outreach is a big issue and so to make life easier for salespeople take a look at how our prospecting video flow can be used to make a mighty impact with minimal efforts.

Research your prospects and craft a pitch that conveys the challenges and the solutions that are specific to them. Keep the script as short as possible.

Record a webcam video that tells your prospects the purpose of outreach, your product value propositions, and the required call-to-action to keep the deal moving forward.

Add a visual appeal to your videos by personalizing them with a customized background using their LinkedIn profile/website page snapshots—captured by our AI automatically by simply punching in the appropriate URL.

Your personalized videos are ready to be sent now.

Furthermore, here are a few tips and tricks to increase the chances of your email open rates and responses. You can add the word ‘video’ in the subject line and use a GIF thumbnail to grab their attention instantly.

Lastly, the success of any campaign depends on measuring its performance. Hippo Video has an analytics module that helps you keep tabs on your video metrics to identify the performance levels for each of your prospecting videos.

Prospecting Video Script

Here’s a sample video script for a quick prospecting video:

Hi {{prospect’s first name}},

This is {{sender’s name}} from {{sender’s company}}. I see that you’re a {{job.title}} at {{}}.

{{challenge 1}} and {{challenge 2}} seem to be the two biggest challenges {{job.title}} are dealing with in the {{industry}}. Are you facing the same?

Our customers like {{name 1}} and {{name 2}} have been able to {{increase metric 1 by x}} and {{improve metric 2 by x}} with {{product/solution/name}}.

Is this something you would be interested in?

Pick a slot from my calendar and I’d be happy to chat more around this and give you a quick walkthrough of our product.

Feel free to shoot an email if you have any questions in the meantime.

Looking forward to speaking to you.