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Video Sales Letter

Attract Prospects With Engaging Video Sales Letters

Create Compelling Video Sales Letters to See Bigger Results

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best video sales letters

Create The Best Video Sales Letters Right Away

  • Record your webcam/screen and leverage Hippo Video’s video sales letter feature to grab your prospect’s attention.
  • Use video sales letter to send out sales pitches, sales demos, presentations, as videos to increase open & click rates.
  • Choose GIF thumbnails over static images to give a preview of your video to your prospects at first glance.
best video sales letters

video sales letter templates

video sales letter templates

Amplify Your Video Sales Letter Templates

  • Create video sales pages to deliver a personalized experience to your prospects and stand out from the crowd.
  • Personalize every single element on the page including the logo, the name, and even add CTAs to make it more engaging.
  • Add product videos or any other documents in the carousel to showcase more information to your prospects
video sales letter templates

video sales letter examples

Make Your Video Sales Letters Engaging & Interactive

  • Add Interactive CTAs to let your prospects take the action that you want them to, in just a click of a button
  • With CTA buttons you can easily push your prospects to the next step and close more deals effortlessly.
  • CTAs like a calendar link or reply to the email will help your prospects take an action/book a meeting in a jiffy
video sales letter examples

video sales letter software

video sales letter software

A Video Sales Letter Software That Lets You Track

  • Gain insights into all your video sales letters with the help of Hippo Video’s detailed reports & analytics.
  • Get real-time notifications every time the video email is being opened or played or any action is taken.
  • View overall reports to see the video play rate, share rate, and send follow-up emails based on the reports.
video sales letter software
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Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Close More Deals With Videos

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Text Sales letters are the old way of sending out sales pitches. Whereas, video sales letters are a video version of sales copy which includes a video exploring a problem and introducing a particular product or service as the solution. Video Sales letters help in saving lots of time and efforts and delivers the pitch the right way.

The ideal video sales letters are often an hour or longer. Also, the video sales letter could be 90 seconds or 90 minutes but make sure you persuade and get customers through the door. Convery the right amount of information needed for the prospect to understand how your product/service works.

Yes, With Hippo Video’s detailed reports and analytics, you can track every action taken on the video shared with prospects. Statistics like the watch rate, open rate, play rate etc can be tracked. You also get real-time notifications, as soon as the email is being opened or when the video is being played.

Create a detailed video with your sales pitch that coveys loads of information about your product/service rather than typing paragraphs of text. Make sure your solution to the prospect’s problem is being addressed and explained in a detailed manner. You can also personalize the video for every prospect

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